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Welcome to the Sex Chat Granny phone sex website a place where you can receive amazing hardcore filth from very sexy older sluts. When we say older sluts we really do mean older because all of our bitches are over the age of 60 and just because they are old it does stop them from getting down on their knees and giving a right good sucking. There is something about a Granny slut that is very appealing, it could be her massive dropping tits or even her saggy pussy lips.

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Sex Chat GrannyWhatever it is it is fucking amazing and should be used and abused! If you always thought that grannies just stayed at home baking cakes all day long then I can tell you now that you are completely incorrect. We have some raving mad bitches that will take any cock that is offered to them and for them to bake cakes all day long would be extremely boring indeed! Can you imagine calling a granny slut on the sex chat granny sex lines? You would hear her prodding her cunt with any object that you requested and let me tell you now, once these sluts get going they really do produce some amazing cunt juices. You will hear her cream clinging to her fingers as she is going to tell you exactly what she wants to do with your dick. Don’t be shy, tell these gummy whores exactly what you want to do with them. I can guarantee that these bitches are all up for all sorts of depraved smut and they will not rest until they receive the filth that they desire. When wanking off with a Granny you must be prepared for some hardcore shit that will leave even the most experienced fucker shocked and amazed!


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We have some right sex crazy cock junkies on the sex chat granny line from Anna who is nearly 72 years old and has the best record for sucking up to 100 cocks in the same day. This bitch has been spread and definitely well feed by many different horny men indeed. Then we have Jayne who is 67 years old, Jayne is what we would call on the plump side and now finds it hard to get around, however this does not stop her from inviting her local male friends around for some cock in cunt action.

Granny Sex ChatJayne has a very high sex drive and although she mostly eats all day long she still finds time to fuck above and beyond. Then we have Maggie who is 75 years old and is one of the older bitches on the sex chat granny line, this slut has one hell of a dirty mouth and she can make men cum in under a minute. Maggie get’s straight to the point and will speak about the most perverted fantasies available. We can’t forget Flora who is 64 years old and is a feisty black older sexy babe, Flora will grind her huge booty on your dick until you are cuming into her arse mounds. Flora is an unforgettable character that is ready for anything dirty that you can chuck her way. It is now time for you to experience the very best in sex chat granny phone sex, you can call us any time of the day for only 35p per minute. So what are you waiting for? Our Grannies need their cunts to be creaming!


0908 145 0483
(Call cost 45p per minute + your phone company’s access charge)
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